_Y5A4900The basics of manual photography are easier to learn than what most people have been lead to believe. A short term of personal tuition can set you on a path of great enjoyment, giving you the opportunity to explore your creativity.

I can offer you personal tuition at very reasonable rates. It becomes very economical if you organise a small group of friends, as the rates will be scaled in accordance with the number of participants.

Benefits of Personal Tuition

The benefits of personal tuition are many for those starting on photography.

  • Great for those who are time poor or cannot afford the energy, time and discipline to do the necessary research and reading to self teach.
  • Dynamic learning at your pace and availability. I take a “learn & do” approach.
  • Immediate responses to your questions.
  • Personal attention and mentoring on those difficult to understand bits.
  • Begin and complete tuition whenever you want.
  • Tuition can be customised to your level of knowledge, experience and/or interests.

Course Structure

Generally, tuition would follow the outlines below, but you are welcome to select the areas that you would like to learn about

Basic Outline
  1. Getting to know and selecting your equipment
  2. The basics of manual photography – The Exposure Triangle
  3. Practicals in focusing, metering and composition
  4. Practicals in using Depth of Field and Motion Blur
  5. Dynamic Resolution and How to extend it
  6. The use of Natural and Artificial Lighting
  7. Work flow – Processing and Editing
For Enthusiasts
  1. Macro Photography
  2. Multiple image stitching
  3. Constructing images using layers

If interested, person to person or small groups, please leave your contact details here, and I’ll get back to you to have a chat.

Pricing Structure

Whether it be for individual coaching or small group sessions; my pricing remains the same.

  • 1 hour      $65.00
  • 2 hours    $120.00
  • 4 hours    $225.00  (includes a photowalk)