Event Photography

More web page _061When it comes to special events, my work begins as soon as I make my first contact with you, before I even reach for a camera.

When you hire a photographer, the difference between comprehensive event coverage and missed opportunities comes down to communication. So, I prefer to discuss with my clients beforehand if possible, and get to find out whats, hows and whens of the event. The more we get to know one another, the more comfortable the experience. This means key people will be more relaxed, and this will result in people being themselves, having more fun and getting natural formal photographs as well as the candid shots.

Please be aware. I will try to be the least disruptive possible to your event and guests; nonetheless, getting the shots that will make memories is my main aim. Often, the best moments are those that happen spontaneously, so I need to be nearby and ready to strike without notice.

Aside from weddings, many events suffer the lack of appropriate photography coverage due to constraints in the budget. Thus photography is often an afterthought. Let’s get in contact and discuss your needs and possibilities. We may just be able to work out an affordable package, suitable for you. Flexibility is one great advantage for considering a freelance photographer. I do not have to maintain a studio, employees, or their downtime. I have complete control over what I offer you, hence, I am able to customise to your options.

Pricing Structure

For events such as weddings, conferences, birthdays, reunions, theatre, musicals, concerts or sports, unless there are unusual circumstances, my fees will be in accordance with the following guide:

  • 2 hours    $200.00
  • 3 hours    $280.00
  • 4 hours    $350.00
  • 5 hours    $400.00 then add $50 for every hour or part off.

The fees above cover the following services:

  • Travel to the event, anywhere within the Sydney basin.
  • Supply necessary photographic equipment.
  • Photography coverage of the event.
  • Processing and editing.
  • Provision and supply of full resolution images in electronic form, or via posted USB.
  • My fees cover travel within the Sydney basin.  If getting to the location is subject to entry fees or parking fees, they will be charged additionally at cost.

Please note:  Event Photography is subject to 25% deposit of the quoted price. The deposit is refundable if the shoot is canceled at least 7 days before it is due to take place.