Commission Work

Hot Party TrickThis is an area of creativity.

Whether it be a work related project, a special event, or just for fun; doing something stunningly different does not need to cost the earth.

You may have seen some of my previous work in the Creativity section of my portfolio.  Some of that work was carried out in collaboration with my sister, who happens to be a talented hair and make-up artist, including prosthetics and character make-up. For more of her work go to

I can offer you my knowledge of lighting and digital effects to transport someone in a costume into a fantasy set, or simply portray the mood associated with your chosen character.

So, if you have a need or want for this type of service, please drop me a line through my contact page, and we can chat more about what I can do for you, and how we can take an idea and bring it to life.

Pricing Structure

A fee will be provided based on the scope of work involved.

Some of the items to be considered will be as follows:

  • Is make up required?  Who provides?
  • Is a digital background required?
  • Are special digital effects required?
  • Does it involve “levitation” of characters?
  • Are costumes required?  Who provides?

Most of the parameters of a scope of works can be ascertained within an initial discussion. I should be able to provide a budget soon afterwards.