Hi and welcome to my site.0000001

I am a Sydney based freelance photographer, interested in all aspects of image making.  Landscape, Street, Long Exposure, Macro, Light Painting, Composite, Portraiture, etc.  I enjoy them all, and have loved learning and teaching their associated techniques and subtleties.

Also, I’m old enough to have begun photographing before the advent of digital systems.   This means that I am disciplined to get the shots right in camera, so as not to rely in post-processing to fix them afterwards.

I am here to serve your photographic needs.   Having experience on a wide range of styles and techniques, I can provide versatility and perhaps, a fresh approach to any project as required.   Please view my portfolio and services pages to get a feel for what I do.   Otherwise, just drop me a line through the contact page, or give me a call on 0466 780 806 and we can have a chat.

Finally, I do not maintain a studio or employees, and I do my own editing.   Hence, you will find my rates and packages very flexible and competitively priced.